Sleepy Reveals BTS’s Jin Offered Financial Help During His TS Entertainment Dispute

He’s the kindest man alive.

Former TS Entertainment rapper Sleepy made headlines earlier this year after revealing the harsh living conditions his company forced him into.


On the December 25th episode of Radio Star, Sleepy thanked his friend BTS‘s Jin for his kind support during these hard times.

When my past was revealed, Jin texted me. He told me, ‘Please don’t misunderstand, hyung, but if you’re having a really hard time, I can help you out a little. Don’t feel bad about this, but if you’re struggling, please contact me.

– BTS’s Jin


Jin warmly yet firmly offered to help Sleepy financially, something which made him “So thankful.”

Now I’m doing well but what happened in the past is [becoming more popular]…so I want to thank him.

– Sleepy


The two became close when they appeared on Law of the Jungle together in 2017.


When asked by the hosts if Sleepy still keeps in contact with Jin, he stated, “I do so continuously because I’m so thankful.”

TS Entertainment was accused of not paying Sleepy for 10 years, giving him only ₩100 KRW (approximately $0.08 USD) in 2018. He claimed that his water and electricity was cut off since the company refused to pay.

TS Entertainment has denied his allegations.