SM C&C Responds To Kim Gavin’s Dating Rumors With BIGBANG T.O.P

They followed after YG made a statement.

Actress Kim Gavin was rumored to be dating BIGBANG‘s T.O.P after alleged couple photos surfaced online. The photos portrayed the two at gatherings on different occasions and suggested that they shared multiple couple items.

As rumors began to circulate, YG Entertainment first responded to the reports. They claimed they were unable to confirm or deny as they respected the artist’s private life.

SM C&C now followed suit with their own statement regarding Kim Gavin’s dating rumors. They agreed with YG Entertainment and claimed they were unable to comment on it as it pertained to her personal affairs.

As it pertains to her private life, it’s difficult to confirm [the rumors].

It’s hard for us to comment on your questions. We ask for your understanding.

— SM C&C

Meanwhile, T.O.P is preparing to make a comeback with BIGBANG sometime within this year. Kim Gavin is well known for her appearance on Mnet’s dating show, Love Catcher 2, from last year.

Source: Xports News and Osen


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