SM Entertainment Staff Accidentally Sends Fans The Photoshop File For NCT 127’s Comeback Album

“SM Entertainment at it again…”

SM Entertainment is notorious for their various mistakes when it comes to artists’ comebacks. From delays in upload to errors in printing, not a day goes by where fans aren’t displeased with the company.

With NCT 127’s comeback slated October 6, 2023, the staff are at it again. When a fan approached the customer service chat box at SM Global Shop, they were sent the PSD (Photoshop) file for the album art instead.

| @taejungtaesayho/Twitter

When they clicked the file to check, they realized that the file was completely unlocked for edits.

PSD file. | @taejungtaesayho/Twitter

Of course, while fans can’t do much with the leaked PSD file, the mistake still provided fans with laughs about the moment.

Others expressed their disappointment at the constant mistakes.

They be really doing too much with their bulls*it.

— @bongbong_3to3

I’m so speechless. The way they do their work is legendary.

— @i_luv_520609

This is not the first time that SM Entertainment staff has made a mistake. Read more about another incident below.

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