SM Entertainment Announces “SM Talent Show” And Fans Can’t Get Over The Prize

Would you audition just for the prize?

SM Entertainment is opening online auditions for aspiring idols all around the world, as stated in an exclusive report from Billboard.

Korea’s SM Entertainment — the label behind SuperM, NCT, Super Junior, EXO and more global superstars — is on the hunt for English-speaking aspiring K-pop stars, with online auditions for 2021 SM Talent Show Vol.2 opening this week[.]

— Billboard

The auditions will be open for male English speakers aged 11-24, and can be sent in through their website starting July 29. However, what caught fans’ attention the most was the prize: AirPods Pros!

The official website mentions the prize, and below it, it states that candidates may receive a contract offer from SM Entertainment.

Twitter users were amused to say the least at the idea of SM Entertainment offering AirPods as a prize!

| @doyutiful/Twitter
| @chyandblack/Twitter

Fans have been joking about the likelihood that someone will audition just to get the AirPods.

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It wouldn’t be the first time, as Kai from EXO famously auditioned after his father promised to buy him a Nintendo if he passed!

Kai from EXO. | @zkdlin/Instagram

Fans are divided on whether these auditions are simply global auditions or if they are connected to K-Pop Goes Hollywoodthe competition show SM Entertainment will hold to find a new member for NCT. Nevertheless, fans are definitely curious to see what Lee Soo Man has up his sleeve!

Source: Billboard and SMTOWN Audition Page