[★UPDATE] SM Entertainment Announces Update Regarding Yuri’s Leg Injury

Girls’ Generation Yuri posted a video of her injured leg on Instagram and even though she said everything will be fine, fans were worried about her condition.

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[★BREAKING] Girl’s Generation Yuri Posts Video Of Her Injured Leg To Instagram

SM Entertainment released a statement through the press assuring fans’ concerns that Yuri’s condition is good and will be able to comeback with the group. 

“Yuri’s left foot ligaments are weak and they have been a problem for her a long time. After practicing on stage, she was getting ice treatment on her left foot to lessen the stress. It was done as a precautionary measure and there’s no cause for concern.

There will be no modifications on the decided comeback date of Girl’s Generation.”

— SM Entertainment 

Fans can rest assured thanks to the update by SM Entertainment! Yuri will be greeting fans very soon with the highly anticipated comeback of Girl’s Generation!

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Source: Herald Pop

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