“The Future Is Bright!” SM Entertainment’s Teasers From Their “Trainee Showcase” Raises Anticipation For A Future Group

Could 8 be the magic number?

SM Entertainment has always been known to produce amazing girl groups. Whether it was introducing the world to Girls’ Generation, f(x), and aespa, the company has always created some of the most impactful groups in K-Pop.

The members of Girls’ Generation | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

f(x) first debuted under SM Entertainment

The members of aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Well, it seems like netizens could be closer to seeing who might be next to debut.

Back in 2022, images were released of the girls who many expected were SM Entertainment’s new female trainees. In particular, one photo stood out: a silhouette of all the girls standing in a line. There were eight trainees, raising anticipation about the future of SM Entertainment.

The silhouettes of the SM trainees | @sment_training/Instagram

| @sment_training/Instagram

Fast forward to 2023, and netizens might be closer to knowing what to expect from the company’s newest girl group. On March 14 (KST), the same Instagram account posted that the group was going to be taking part in a showcase for all of the trainees.

| @sment_training/Instagram

In particular, the second picture showed what seemed like the same eight girls from the first photo. Although it was just a silhouette, it showcased what some of the girls could be expected to debut.

The new photo of the eight members | @sment_training/Instagram

Fans even managed to brighten the photo to the extent that they tried to decipher some of the names of the trainees.

When the image was released, netizens couldn’t help but get excited. It seems like the trainees were being evaluated, and one user pointed out that while eight might be the number, the showcase could determine the lineup.

While many pointed out that it was unlikely that they would make all debut, others shared their excitement at the idea of another larger SM girl group similar to the Girls’ Generation.

Although those attending were not allowed to take photos or even their phones into the venue, netizens shared their experiences on social media.

The possibility of the new SM Entertainment girl group debuting was made even more likely after someone who had attended the showcase revealed that there were 21 trainees in total that performed at the event. It seems like these eight girls must be training together.

In particular, when the photos were initially revealed, many fans couldn’t get over how tall the trainees were. While many explained that it could’ve been due to how the photo was taken, one OP explained that all the trainees seemed “Tall.”

While many fans attending mentioned well-known trainee Na Haeun, it seems like any of the trainees could eventually debut and be part of SM Entertainment’s newest group.

You can read more about the trainees below.

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