SM Entertainment Raises Anticipation With Never Before Seen Images Of Their Female Trainees — Raising Discussions On Who They Could Be

Many netizens believe it will be a while until we possibly see any of the trainees debut!

Over the years, SM Entertainment has debuted some of the biggest groups in K-Pop. From the first artist, Hyun Jinyoung to the most recent debuting aespa, the idols have always been legendary.

Well, it seems like SM Entertainment is carrying on the tradition of creating the stars of the future.

The members of 2nd generation group Super Junior | @SJOfficial/Twitter
The members of NCT | SM Entertainment
Aespa is SM’s newest group after debuting in 2020 | @aespa_official/Twitter

On November 15, the SM trainee’s Instagram page (@sment_training) shared pictures of what seemed to be some of the newest family trainees.

In particular, one photo stood out, and it was a silhouette of all the girls standing in a line. There were eight trainees, raising anticipation about what the future of SM Entertainment could be.

The silhouettes of the SM trainees | @sment_training/Instagram

Yet, although the silhouette images raised anticipation, the Instagram post showed other images of the trainees. It seemed like the trainees had their first day of rest for a while and just seemed to be like normal teenagers, taking pictures with each other and enjoying their free time.

| @sment_training/Instagram
| @sment_training/Instagram
| @sment_training/Instagram

They even seemed to be going to galleries and experiencing a lot of cultural activities.

| @sment_training/Instagram
| @sment_training/Instagram

When the images were posted, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement at seeing what could be the future of the company.

Among the discussion about the trainees, one name kept popping up as one of the potential people, and that was Na Haeun. The young dancer has always shined for her impeccable dance covers of K-Pop idols.

Dancer Na Haeun | @awesomehaeun/Instagram

Back in April, it was later confirmed by SM Entertainment that the young dancer would be joining the company after signing an exclusive contract. She even appeared in some promotional material for the company, shocking fans with how much she’s grown.

As Naeun is only 13, many expect that the trainees at SM Entertainment are still extremely young and nowhere near the stage of debuting. Yet, it will be interesting to follow the SM trainee account to watch their development and see if any of them eventually debut.

You can read more about Na Haeun below.

“Dance Prodigy” Na Haeun Makes Her First Appearance As An SM Entertainment Trainee, Shocking Netizens With How Much She’s Grown

Source: @sment_training
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