SM Entertainment CEO Drops “Spoiler” About An NCT 2020 Concert

“So Johnny, please be prepared.”

Among those who took part in the 2020 World Cultural Industry Forum, like Baekhyun and NCT‘s Johnny, SM Entertainment‘s new CEO Lee Sung Soo, also known as Chris Lee, appeared.

Since he was the one who confirmed that NCT was indeed twenty-one members last year, it was only fitting for him to drop a spoiler about NCT 2020’s future activities as twenty-three.

Respectfully jumping into the discussion, Lee Sung Soo announced his intention to reveal something they’ve been working on: “I’d like to say one spoiler.

He began by outlining how diverse NCT 2020 is, with members from all over the world. “Johnny, you are in NCT 127 and NCT’s entire group. We are now doing the NCT 2020 project with twenty-three members from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand—even the USA and Canada.

Lee Sung Soo then pointed out how the first part of the NCT 2020 project, Resonance Pt. 1, sold over a million copies, leading him to reveal that a Beyond LIVE concert was a real possibility for the group:

Our projects are very successful right now. We sold more than one [million two hundred thousand] copies within one week. And, I would really, really would like to do an NCT 2020—all twenty-three members—Beyond Live concert within this year.

— Lee Sung Soo

With an NCT member part of the discussion, Lee Sung Soo told him to be expecting it. “So Johnny, please be prepared, and guys, please help us.” With a smile, Johnny appeared more than ready to participate.

It looks like NCTzens have even more to look forward to from NCT 2020 than they’d expected. An NCT 2020 concert could mean they’d also perform some of the tracks from NCT 2018 as well, in addition to even more unreleased tracks from the group as twenty-three members.

See CEO Lee Sung Soo come through with yet another juicy reveal of NCT’s plans here.