SM Entertainment Confirms f(x) Amber And Luna’s Contracts Have Expired, Provide Update On Krystal And Victoria

f(x) is virtually disbanded.

Following the news of Amber’s revealing her contract expired, and Victoria’s post where she alluded to leaving SM Entertainment, SM has come out to give an update on all 4 f(x) members and their contract status.

They revealed that Amber and Luna’s contracts did expire, Krystal’s contract is still in effect, and Victoria may still stay with them.

Amber and Luna’s contracts with SM Entertainment have expired. Krystal’s contract still has some time left on it. We are currently in discussions with Victoria on new ways of working together.

— SM Entertainment

Victoria’s Chinese company, Victoria Studio, announced that they will be her main management agency.

The contract between Victoria and SM Entertainment. She is grateful for 10 years with them. In the future, Victoria Studio will be the main management agency for her personal career.

— Victoria Studio


Source: Osen and Weibo