SM Entertainment Criticized For Attempting To Profit Off Selling Masks During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Fans were definitely not happy.

SM Entertainment‘s global shop has come under fire of netizens after they uploaded a post, selling 5 KN95 masks for $30 USD.

The global shop uploaded a post on their Twitter account announcing the sale of 5 KN95 masks, which are equivalent in efficiency to KF94 masks that are commonly sold in Korea.

However, what triggered the negative outcry against SM Entertainment’s global shop was the price the masks were being sold at. At $30 plus tax for the price of 5 masks, each mask would cost over $6 a piece. This is in stark contrast to the average price of ₩2000 KRW ($1.60 USD) a singular mask costs in South Korea through the government provided program.

The price of the masks, and even the sale of masks in general prompted outrage from international fans, calling for SM Entertainment to donate the masks instead.

Around 2 hours after their initial post and the public backlash, SM Entertainment’s global shop took down the listing from their online shop, and apologized for their actions, promising to donate the masks they have to the workers at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

While the initial reaction was negative, international netizens are glad with SM Entertainment’s final decision to have the masks donated to those working in the front lines of the hospitals, instead of selling them to fans.