SM Entertainment Director Accused Of Xenophobic Discrimination Against NCT’s Yuta And aespa’s Giselle

“When it’s time to pander to Japanese fans, they used…”

An SM Entertainment director is being accused of alleged xenophobia and discrimination against Japanese K-Pop idols.

Netizens exposed SM Entertainment Director and COO Tak Young Jun for allegedly exploiting Japanese K-Pop idols. While naturally, the company would like to profit from overseas fans, the international idols are allegedly not treated equally.

Lee Sung Soo (left) and Tak Young Jun (right) | Yonhap News

Recently, netizens noticed that Tak Young Jun had liked all of the SM Entertainment idols’ posts on Instagram, except for Japanese members, such as NCT‘s Yuta and æspa‘s Giselle. So, Japanese fans have exposed this via social media.

The fans believe their complaints were heard shortly after, though. Since then, Tak Young Jun liked both posts of Yuta and Giselle. Additionally, he started following Yuta’s individual account on Instagram.

Still, fans of the idols are dissatisfied. MYs (æspa fans) have even trended “#SMStopDisrespectingGiselle” as there is a long history of what appears to be neglect toward Giselle. The fandom has called out SM Entertainment for making it appear that the group is only three members.

The disrespect she is given even though they debuted her with such little training and never gave her any chance to show off her talent even with the how successful zoo was (From Zoo to Jet, in which in jet she barely even sang and was basically dubbing someone else)

As of their most recent album release Giselle has had zero solo schedules and the 1 schedule she has gotten she shared with Karina.

And of the 3 years they have debuted Giselle has had at most less than 5 solo schedule while every other member is coming up to 20 and more.

— SunnyIrene via kpopthoughts/Reddit

Giselle’s fans feel she is only showcased when SM Entertainment wants to “pander to Japanese fans.” Yet, according to them, in not only Korea but even Japan, she is not allowed to use her talents.

When Aespa went to Japan (Giselle’s home) they made her sit in the back while the members who don’t speak Japanese as good as her sit in front. They don’t want her to be seen or heard at times but will happily use her talents.

When it’s time to panner to Japanese fans they used Giselle but they won’t promote her even in her home country. It’s one thing that Giselle isn’t promoted in Korea(because she is mixed) but then to not even try and promote her in her own homeland is another thing.

It saddens me as a fan because thinking about Giselle’s mental health and how everyone has been in a toxic work environment, where they use your talents and you work hard but you never get any appreciation or respect from the leaders.

— SunnyIrene via kpopthoughts/Reddit

NCTzens (NCT fans) shared similar sentiments concerning Yuta. They also feel that he has been sidelined and given little to no opportunities to showcase his talents compared to the other NCT members.

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So, “#SMStopDisrespectingYUTA” has been trending on Twitter too. NCTzens have resurfaced videos of Yuta having inadequate security with him during his solo schedule at the airport as well as SM Entertainment editing out references to his solo achievements.

SM Entertainment has not responded to accusations at this time.

Source: kpopthoughts and obhfc97

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