SM Entertainment Under Fire For Excluding NCT DREAM’s Jaemin In Promotional Material

It wasn’t the first time the company excluded him.

To celebrate NCT DREAM‘s current promotions for “Candy”, the group teamed up with Instagram for special filters. Unfortunately, fans realized that a specific member was excluded once again by SM Entertainment.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When fans scrolled through the filters to check that all seven members were there, they noticed that Jaemin‘s filter was nowhere to be seen.

| @njmprotects/Twitter

Fans immediately took to Twitter to voice their frustration with SM Entertainment for making the mistake. It especially hit fans hard because it wasn’t the first time the company had made the mistake.

Not only did SM Entertainment previously exclude Jaemin from the group’s “Love Again” poster, but they also forgot to include his name in the credits for NCT U‘s “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” unit.

SM Entertainment has yet to address the issue or fix Jaemin’s missing “Candy” filter.

| @na.jaemin0813/Instagram


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