SM Entertainment Under Fire For Allegedly Rigging The List Of Fansign Winners

“I’ve never even bought a Super Junior album…”

SM Entertainment has come under fire recently for allegedly rigging the list of winners for a fansign for Super Junior. They came under suspicion when a fan of aespa realized that there were too many similar names on the winners lists to be true.

Not only were the names similar, the duplicated winners’ phone numbers and emails were also similar. In some cases, fans claimed that the team made up fake emails.

No way would SM Entertainment would have to fabricate the fansign winners list, right? LOL. So you’re saying that the people going for aespa’s face-to-face fansign also going for Super Junior’s because they’re fans of both groups? Right? SM? They only covered either the front or back of the emails and made up some pinkblood nonsense email. Huh?

— @_m0ng9

A comparison between the name lists easily showed the duplicated nails and emails.

aespa’s name list on the left and Super Junior’s on the right. | @_m0ng9/Twitter

Fans of aespa are upset that their details were used to fabricate the winner list for another idol group. One fan who had her details duplicated stepped up to explain. She had entered and won the fansign for aespa, but was shocked to find her name on the Super Junior winners list. She had never purchased any album from them before.

Kids, do you think that there are high chances of there being around 9 fans who are fans of both groups, that would go to both aespa and Super Junior’s fansigns?

— @aekabooo

Of course… I’m on the list for Super Junior but I’ve never even bought a Super Junior album… I was surprised and checked it and my name and the front part of my email was the same.

— @ruandru

The fan also explained that she had received a text message to tell her about the win for only aespa. She was never contacted about Super Junior’s fansign.

Of course, I didn’t get a message that I won for Super Junior but I got one for aespa!!

— @ruandru

Fans are absolutely stunned that the huge company would have to resort to such means. They question the intentions of the company as Super Junior would only be holding a single fansign for this round. With opportunities taken away from real, loving fans, many are enraged and demand an explanation from the company.