SM Entertainment Featured Jessica In Their New Girls’ Generation Exhibit

She will forever remain an important part of their history.

Jessica left Girls’ Generation almost four years ago, but her departure is still a very sensitive topic to the most loyal fans. 


Recently, insiders revealed more details about the real reason about her departure from the group and SM Entertainment. 

Insiders Revealed Details Behind The Departure Of Jessica From Girls’ Generation


The departure removed her appearance from her last music video with the group and other promotional items. 


A fan, however, recently found out that Jessica wasn’t removed from everything. A trip to the new SM Museum in Seoul revealed that her old promotional items were still intact. 


The exhibit in the SM Museum also featured official posters with the complete group of nine members!


The museum, located at the third floor of COEX Artium, features nine exhibits detailing the history of the company and their artists through albums, music videos and photo books. 

SM Will Open Up A Museum Full Of Exhibits Of The Company’s Past


Whatever the intention, it was enough to touch some OT9 heartstrings.


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