SM Entertainment Under Fire As NCTzens Call Out Allegedly Poor Management Of NCT 127 And Their World Tour

“Where is your professionalism?”

SM Entertainment comes under fire as NCTzens call for better management of NCT 127 and their world tour.

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At the beginning of the year, SM Entertainment announced that NCT 127 would be embarking on their NEOCTIY: THE LINK world tour. Since then NCT 127 have completed a tour of Japan and held a concert in Singapore, in addition to their concert in South Korea.

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Yet, despite the fact that the world tour was announced in November of 2021, dates have yet to be announced for other locations. This is causing plenty of frustration among fans who are hoping to get tickets, as for many attending a concert will also mean considerable travel expenses.

Added to that is fans’ concern over NCT 127 themselves, as SM Entertainment was not only criticized over its lack of transparency surrounding the members’ health but also for allegedly not keeping the members well-informed about their schedules due to the company’s lack of efficient planning.

This is not the first time these concerns are raised over this issue this year. When NCT 127’s concert in Singapore was announced in June, NCTzens became critical of the fact that SM Entertainment failed to provide either fans or event staff with information about it, even relegating the announcement to the hosting venue.

Additionally, the concert was announced somewhat last minute. Due to the confusion that arose from this, many fans attempted to contact the venue and organizing staff to get information— and were baffled to find that the organizing staff appeared to be unaware of what was going on.

Despite already receiving backlash over the organization of the Singapore concert, SM Entertainment’s management of the world tour is still raising concern for NCTzens…

…particularly as NCT 127 prepares to make their comeback in September, which fans fear will interfere with the tour plans and merely increase the already worrying workload of the members.

Given the uncertainty of the situation, many NCTzens claim that they are simply asking for clarification on the status of the tour, especially since for many it means finally being able to make plans for the money that was being budgeted for it.

Hopefully, SM Entertainment will be able to provide fans with information soon and either drop the dates for the tour or postpone it and allow the members to focus on promoting their new comeback.

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NCTzens Call Out SM Entertainment For Alleged Mismanagement Of NCT 127’s World Tour