SM Entertainment May Be Hinting At Girls’ Generation’s Comeback—Fans Think They’ve Found Proof

This is so exciting!

 SM Entertainment has since updated the caption of the teaser image to indicate it is for Hyoyeon’s 1st mini-album!

Girls’ Generation kicked off May with some excitement when the group’s official Instagram page posted a mysterious teaser image.

The Girls’ Generation Instagram account suddenly posted images with no captions, causing the imagination of fans to run wild.

SM Entertainment‘s page followed up by also posting the teaser image, along with an Instagram story tagging Girls’ Generation.

The sudden post had the group trending worldwide!

SONEs quickly began to look for clues as to whether this comeback was for the group, or for member Hyoyeon‘s rumored upcoming mini-album.

Fans previously found hints that Hyoyeon is gearing up to release a mini-album. Partnered with the singer’s recent Instagram update from the dance studio, it seems plausible!

| @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted that members of Hyoyeon’s management staff liked the Instagram post and noted that they usually only interact with posts relating to Hyoyeon.

Members Taeyeon and Tiffany have both recently acknowledged that the group has something planned for the group’s 15th anniversary this year.

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At this time, the girls’ individual social media accounts have not made any references to the teaser images. Whether it’s a group comeback or a new release by Hyoyeon, SONE will have a reason to celebrate!

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