SM Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding Burning Sun’s Whistleblower’s Allegations Towards Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

SM Entertainment released a statement.

Kim Sang Kyo, who’s known as the whistleblower of the Burning Sun case, recently embroiled Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon in the scandal once again after suggesting she knew everything but turned a blind eye.

#letmeaskyousomething on that day, who was the actress that was drooling because of all the drugs that she took. Who is she that even the police officers couldn’t even come into the club. You were a VVIP member so I’m sure you saw it all, right Hyoyeon? Was the actress who was on drugs Ms. H or Ms. G. The guy who assaulted me while he was high on drugs was Seungri’s friend. You guys know it was that drug addict so why don’t you confess now since there’s not much time left.

— @saint.kyo/Instagram

| SM Entertainment

He posted a cryptic message that hinted that the girl group member allegedly knew what was going on but remained a bystander in the issue.

However, on January 14, 2021, SM Entertainment released an official statement that denied his allegations. The company told Spot TV News that Hyoyeon was only there as an invited DJ to the event and had only performed her set. They emphasized that she was absolutely unrelated to the post or alleged accusations.

The company hopes that Hyoyeon will not be the target of guesswork or misunderstandings anymore.

Hyoyeon has personally spoken up to deny the claims as well.

Source: Spot TV

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