SM Entertainment Is Giving K-Pop Fans A Chance To Learn More About K-Pop’s Rich History Through A “Remastering Project”

Expect HD versions of older music videos and covers of iconic songs!

SM Entertainment just kicked off their Remastering Project in the hopes of introducing newer K-Pop fans to legendary artists and songs from years past.

Co-CEO of SM Entertainment Lee Sung Su, aespa’s Karina, aespa’s Giselle, and head of YouTube Music’s Partnerships in South Korea and China Lee Seon Jeong during an online press conference | @SMTOWNGLOBAL/Twitter

Through this project, the entertainment company partnered with YouTube to remaster older K-Pop music videos and songs, so fans can enjoy higher quality versions of them.


The project’s first remastered video, H.O.T.‘s Warrior’s Descendant,” has already been released. The video was originally released in 1996, and the remastered version was uploaded on November 4. In just 5 hours, the remastered version garnered over 85,000 views.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

 Lee Sung Su, the co-CEO of SM Entertainment, explained that the company started the project to introduce K-Pop fans to songs from the earlier days of K-Pop.

Since our establishment in 1995, SM has produced some 300 music videos, which are our most valuable assets recounting the history of K-pop. In this era where K-pop is making a global splash, fans across the globe are not only interested in the latest K-pop songs, but also in the songs of the early days. Hence, we thought we could use this opportunity to introduce the legacy of the past and contribute to K-pop’s further growth.

— Lee Sung Su

Lee Sung Su also said that he feels as if “only half of K-Pop is known to people these days.” He pointed to 2009 as the year when K-Pop began to truly resonate with global audiences, and he used Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee” as an example of one of the hits that swept “the world off its feet.”

While 2009 was a pivotal year for K-Pop, Lee Sung Su said he believes the content created before 2009 has not reached global audiences just yet. He revealed that “technological limitations” had been keeping SM Entertainment from remastering their older music videos. Now, thanks to the “emergence of cutting edge technology,” the entertainment company has been able to create higher quality versions of their previous work.


Lee Sung Su also revealed that SM Entertainment’s current artists will create their own renditions of old music videos through the Remastering Project. He said that aespa is set to remake S.E.S.‘s “Dreams Come True” music video from 1998, and they will release their version of the track in December.

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Source: Korea Times

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