SM Entertainment issues formal warning against sasaengs and antis

After remaining silent, SM Entertainment has issued an official and formal warning towards malicious commentators online.

On October 8th, the agency issued the following warning, “Hello, this is SM Entertainment. We would like first to thank everyone who cherishes SM and our artists.”

Screen capture of SM Entertainment's announcement on their website concerning privacy issues
Screen capture of SM Entertainment’s announcement on their website concerning privacy issues / Image Source:

“Recently, there have been numerous cases where private information of artists were leaked and used. Also, rumors and false accusations as well as leaks of private information is causing serious financial and psychological damage to not only the artists but their family and friends as well.”

“We have decided that we should no longer idly sit by and watch this situation, and in the best interest of the artists, we plan to take serious legal action against all invasion of privacy and criminal activities against our artists.”

“Again, we would like to thank those who cherish the company and our artists. We look forward to further support and love from you all in the future.”

In reaction to the news, many netizens have voiced their relief and happiness that SM Entertainment has finally taken action against malicious comments, and seemingly sasaengs who have been giving artists trouble as of late, leaving comments such as, “Is this a dream?” “Finally…!!” “Heol, finally.”

Source: Instiz and SMTOWN