SM Entertainment makes new statement on Kris and Luhan issue

SM Entertainment has made a new statement in regards to Kris and Luhan for continuing their activities in China after leaving EXO.

On May 20th, SM Entertainment stated, “As the agency of EXO members Luhan and Kris (Wu Yifan), we have filed a lawsuit against Luhan and the two Chinese company who have used Luhan as their product models. Our legal action was conducted through the Chinese court and adheres to contract infringement. It was officially accepted on May 18th through Beijing People’s Court.

SM Entertainment also stated, “The contracts between SM and Luhan as well as Kris are effective until the court makes their final verdict on the matter and need to be kept. Any profitable action including advertisement modelling and taking part in the filming of a movie clearly goes against the contract, and we plan to have those involved take responsibility for their actions.

After departing from EXO, both Kris and Luhan have been busy with acting and filming commercials in Mainland China. Just a couple of days ago, the Seoul Central District Court ordered a compulsory mediation between the two and SM Entertainment to settle the ongoing legal battle.

Source: enews