SM Entertainment Might Have A New Trainee, And Fans Are Already In Love

And you might have already seen her!

SM Entertainment hasn’t introduced any new trainees in a while and the last official SMRookies are rumored to be debuting soon, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the company introduced some new faces.


Although the company hasn’t announced any new trainees, some netizens recently found someone that they are convinced is a new Chinese trainee. Her name is Deyi and she’s known to be a ’99 liner.


The new rumored trainee was first spotted by Chinese fans and soon other netizens were convinced that she really was a trainee with SM Entertainment when current SRG18 member Ningning confirmed that she knows Deyi.


The rumors became even stronger when netizens noticed the girl featured in Taeyeon‘s “Something New” looks a lot like Deyi.


The similarities are even more striking when they are directly compared.


Some other netizens even found some sound clips of her singing and her sweet voice is certainly convincing!


While all of this evidence makes it seem like Deyi really is a new SM Entertainment trainee, we won’t know for sure until the company officially announces it. But that won’t stop all of us from falling in love with her until then!

Source: @yoursrgnator and @triple_miracle_