Does SM Entertainment Let NCT 127 Fly First Class? Johnny And Taeyong Spill On How The Members Really Travel For Their World Tour

It says a lot about the members!

In a recent appearance on Lee Yong Jin‘s YouTube show Yongjin’s Health Center, NCT 127‘s Johnny and Taeyong spilled on whether their company lets them fly in first class or not.

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Johnny | @nct127/Instagram

The two members got real about several different things, including the fact that they don’t have many friends outside of the group and even about their feelings on the increasingly young debut age of K-Pop idols in recent times.

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Touching on the world tour that NCT 127 began last year, Lee Yong Jin asked them about their travel arrangements. When Johnny and Taeyong confirmed that they were going to the US soon…

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…Lee Yong Jin and his cohost, LACHICA‘s Gabi, asked how they were going to fly there. Lee Yong Jin asked, “Do you usually ride first class?” Seeing as NCT is one of the company’s most successful groups, it’s the natural assumption!

And yet, Taeyong and Johnny surprisingly answered in the negative. In fact, Johnny said he’d only ever traveled in first class when he was younger.

He got hilariously teased about it by Lee Yong Jin and Gabi…

…but the surprising fact remains that, according to Johnny and Taeyong, NCT 127 does not always travel in first class! Given that touring requires so much planning and so many staff members, it makes sense that the group isn’t always able to fly in first class. And since they have to travel a lot, first-class tickets are likely hard to always book for so many people. In any case, it says a lot about the members!

Watch the full clip from Yongjin’s Health Center right here.