Netizens Can’t Get Over The Realization That All SM Entertainment Group Leaders Are A+ Visual Material

Great visuals and great role models!

A couple of days ago, SM Entertainment shared the below tweet on their official Twitter page.

Caption: Title song of SMTOWN’s winter album ‘The Cure’ is a campaign song with a message of sustainable solidarity!
All leaders of
#SMTOWN groups are featured in the song, announcing the beginning of a global movement to combat climate change!

The photos in the collage all depict one of the leaders for each of SM Entertainment’s K-Pop groups (as well as soloists Kangta and BoA, the first two pictures) as a teaser for their upcoming winter album, The Cure, and the song featuring every idol included.

While fans are excited for such an epic collaboration to happen, there was something else that the collection of pictures had them realizing: Just how much each of SM Entertainment’s group leaders are total visual material!

Karina (aespa) | SBS

Ten leaders are shown in the collage, ranging from the most senior idol among them —TVXQ‘s U-Know — to the most recently debuted, aespa‘s Karina.

U-Know (TVXQ) | SM Entertainment

To give a little bit of history for each of the leaders shown, we’ll start with U-Know. He debuted as the leader of TVXQ in December 2003, meaning he’s now been in the industry for 19 years! He was born on February 6, 1986, making him 36 years old, though he still looks just as fresh and youthful as ever.

To the right of U-Know in the collage is the steadfast leader of Super JuniorLeeteuk. He debuted as the leader of the legendary group in November 2005, and with 17 years now behind him in the industry and as one of the oldest currently active K-Pop idols at age 39, he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Leeteuk (Super Junior) | SBS

Coming up next is Girls’ Generation‘s leader Taeyeon. She’s the oldest active female K-Pop leader under SM Entertainment, both in terms of her age (33) and time spent in the industry (15 years). She’s long been praised for her stunning doll-like visuals, which are still as breathtaking as always.

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) | SBS

Onew, the leader of SHINee, has responsibly held the role of leader of the group ever since they debuted over 14 years ago in May 2008. He’s the same age as Taeyeon — 33 — and his golden voice is still one that can never be mistaken as someone else’s.

Onew (SHINee) | SBS

To Onew’s right is Suho, the beloved leader of EXO. He has now spent over a decade as the group’s leader since they debuted in April 2012, and led them well to become one of the most influential K-Pop groups even still to this day. At age 31, he continues to be the strong and stoic role model that his members can rely on.

Suho (EXO) | SBS

The final leader in the middle row is, of course, Red Velvet‘s Irene. Though she debuted a little older than typical for most K-Pop idols — 23 when the group debuted in August 2014 — she has remained virtually ageless in the last eight years, and is already often praised for her beauty.

Irene (Red Velvet) | SBS

The next three idols shown — TaeyongMark, and Kun — are the leaders of NCT and its sub-units NCT DREAM and WayV respectively. Though still relatively young in the industry, having all debuted between 2016 and 2018, they’ve all made a great impact on K-Pop with their talents as well as their handsome visuals.

Taeyong (NCT) | SBS
Mark (NCT) | SBS
Kun (WayV) | SBS

And finally, of course, is SM Entertainment’s newest and youngest leader, aespa’s Karina. Debuting just two years ago in November 2020 and at only 22 years old, it’s exciting to imagine what such a talented and gorgeous idol will continue to give to the K-Pop community!

Karina (aespa) | SBS

The collage of SM Entertainment’s leaders was shared on an online public forum to show appreciation for their visuals. Titled “Seems like SM looks at the visuals for their leaders too”, there are tons of comments on the post with netizens sharing their appreciation for the beautiful idols.

  • “Kyah, visual feast”
  • “All of them are so pretty”
  • “SM looks at visuals for every position lol did everyone forget the times when everyone said to get into SM, one just have either visuals or superb talent”
  • “All of them are successful…”
  • “My eyes automatically stopped at Irene… Those visuals…”
  • “Say all you want about these people but they definitely hold their ground and take their roles seriously as leaders. Them equally being visuals is just a bonus”
  • “Kun’s visuals are underrated he’s honestly so charming and soft looking but not in a flowerboy type of way???? Idk I love his face”
  • “Leeteuk is honestly cute tbh. He doesn’t look out of place with bright/youthful concept even when he’s well aware of his own age. I’d be honest among the guys above, his photo came out the best”

We can’t wait to see what these talented and gorgeous idols have in store for us with this upcoming release!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa
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