SM Entertainment Issues Official Statement On The Removal Of Videos From EXO Baekhyun’s Personal YouTube Channel

It was inevitable.

EXO‘s Baekhyun recently enlisted in May 2021, but he made sure not to leave without a little something for his fans. Baekhyun had filmed a whole bunch of content so that he would be able to release one video per month of his military service. Military service in South Korea now totals for 18 to 21 months, depending on your department. However, after just 7 months into his enlistment, SM Entertainment made an official statement via personal Baekhyun’s YouTube channel to notify fans that the videos published from his enlistment date onwards would be taken down.

| SM Entertainment

This is SM Entertainment. We wish to inform you that KoongTube’s contents will be removed until Baekhyun’s discharge from the military. We have been releasing one video per month all this while, as a way of repaying the fans a little bit, for the love they have sent Baekhyun. The videos were filmed before his enlistment. It is not against the law to release videos that were filmed and produced before enlistment. However, in order to prevent unpredictable misunderstandings that differ from our original intent as above, we have decided to delete all the videos that were uploaded after his enlistment. We hope fans will understand.

— SM Entertainment

This is due to the widely known law in South Korea that prevents those in the military from earning an official salary apart from that in the military. In other words, military men cannot have an occupation apart from their military service. Although Baekhyun’s YouTube videos are not related to this law as he had filmed the videos prior to enlistment, SM Entertainment has made this decision to prevent any misunderstandings about the legality of his YouTube profits as a current military man.

| 백현 Baekhyun/YouTube

Baekhyun’s love for fans through the videos have been a great comfort for many EXO-L. Although fans would be sad to see his videos go, many have been understanding about the matter. In the mean time, you can still watch the videos published before his enlistment.