SM Entertainment Opens Their Own School To Train Global Stars

Will you be enrolling this fall?

SM Entertainment has announced their partnership with Jongno Haneul Education as they set up their new global institute. The SM Institute will be a global arts school meant to train global stars.

| SM Entertainment


Not only will they be given lessons in model, entertainment, fashion, beauty and lifestyle by their affiliated company, ESteem Entertainment, the school also will offer an educational program with a foundation in the industry knowledge. SM Institute offers the know-hows that have built up SM Entertainment into the successful global corporation that it now is. Education will also be offered in Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese, for the benefit of international students.

| SM Entertainment

Global hopefuls can rejoice, as the institute will also be offering online classes, by using adaptive learning technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and Korea’s top-notch education technology to lessen the distance in times of social distancing.

| SM Entertainment

The school aims to support students educationally as well as in terms of honing their art, given that many trainees give up on their education to pursue their dreams.

It is reported that the SM Institute will be opening in March 2021, while applications will begin this fall 2020. The school is opening its doors to students both in Korea and internationally. An international branch may be created in the future.

Source: XSports News