SM Entertainment promises legal action against the plagiarism of EXO’s songs

SM Entertainment has released an official response to accusations that the soundtrack for Indian film “Kannayya” had plagiarized two of EXO‘s songs.

Back on February 14, it was reported that the Telugu-Indian film “Kannayya” may have blatantly copied EXO’s songs “Growl” and “Baby Don’t Cry”. Fans were naturally angry at the producers of the movie soundtrack, and reached out to SM Entertainment hoping that the company would take action.

While there has not been a statement released by the movie’s production company Poppin Films, SM Entertainment has now come out on February 17 to say,

“The songs in question by the Indian artist are definitely cases of plagiarism. We will take appropriate action after we discuss the situation with the song’s publishers and copyright owners.”

SM Entertainment

Listen to the songs below. The song that plagiarized EXO’s “Growl” is called “Dhamkimar” and can be heard at 4:24. The song that plagiarized “Baby Don’t Cry” is called “Baby Kanipinchav” and begins playing at 14:33.

Source: Sports Hankook