SM Entertainment Released Videos Of Baby BoA During Her Trainee Days And Fans Are Mad They Weren’t Released Sooner

“How can SM hide this for 20 years” – Netizen

SM Entertainment‘s one and only queen, BoA recently celebrated her 20th year in the industry and fans all around have been busy congratulating her. In midst of her celebration, new videos have been uploaded of a much younger BoA and fans think these videos are never before seen footage.

| Naver

In the first clip, BoA can be seen singing in Japanese to “First Love” by Utada Hikaru, which is impressive in itself since Japanese is not her first language. But what blew fans away even more was the incredible voice she possessed at such a young age!

The tweet and the video was captioned with:

SM Entertainment, you crazy? Release BoA’s version of First Love by Utada Hikaru right now!!!

— @I_Demeanor

In the next clip, BoA can be seen singing “Automatic” by the same Japanese singer, Utada Hikaru. BoA seems much younger in this clip as well but her strong vocals shine regardless of her young age, which impressed netizens once again.

This video was captioned with:

To prepare for her Japanese debut, BoA practiced singing Utada Hikaru’s Automatic as a trainee.

— @BOA_useless

Upon seeing these videos, many K-netizens gathered quickly to express their annoyances at seeing these videos so much later in BoA’s career. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “What in the world…they held onto this video all this time? Give us more…”
  • “She’s a genius”
  • “She has an incredible amount of talent but on top of that, she works so hard it’s super cool…”
  • “Why did you guys keep this for yourself SM”
  • “This is crazy, SM I demand you to release a full version now”
  • “Omg she’s a baby BoA…how can SM hide this for 20 years and just release it…but seriously she’s so good at singing, isn’t she in middle school in the video? She’s born with it.”
  • “This is seriously crazy. It was such a short clip but I got goosebumps. I love you unnie”
  • “Crazy”
  • “This is crazy. She’s just a kid but she’s so good…you bast**ds keeping this to yourselves this whole time”


We agree that they should have released these precious videos long ago but better late than never, right? In related news, BoA just released her music video for her new song, “Better”. Make sure you check it out down below!

Source: theqoo and Tistory