SM Entertainment Releases Memorial Post For Sulli

“We will remember her forever.”

SM Entertainment has just released a memorial post for Sulli, promising she will never be forgotten.

In their picture they sent another message to Sulli, along with a previously unreleased picture of her.

We remember the first time we met Sulli.

The lovely girl with a shining smile grew up to be an artist that many people loved. Now, she has become a shining star who will always remain in the hearts of the people who loved her.

We will not forget her beautiful persona or her warm heart, we will remember her forever.

— SM Entertainment

This is the third time SM Entertainment has released a statement related to Sulli’s passing. The first two statements were were confirming her passing, and funeral procedures. They also opened up an area for fans to mourn the loss of Sulli at the Sinchon Severance Hospital.

Sulli's Passing