SM Entertainment Responds To TVXQ Yunho’s Police Investigation Over Having Violated Social Distancing Rules

Yunho is reflecting on his mistake.

Previously, it was reported that TVXQ‘s Yunho was under investigation for flouting covid prevention social distancing rules. While public establishments including restaurants are required to close at 10pm, Yunho was at a restaurant up to around midnight, violating the rules.

SM Entertainment has responded with an official statement. They acknowledged his mistake and share that Yunho is reflecting deeply on his mistake. They apologize for having alarmed everyone during tough times and promise to make better efforts to educate their artists better.

The full statement can be read below.

This is SM Entertainment. We are sincerely sorry for having worried everyone during a rough period of time due to the coronavirus. U-know Yunho met up with 3 acquaintances at a restaurant in Gangnam. As they talked, they went past the time restrictions and he has received investigations.He understands his faults and is reflecting over having disappointed many due to a moment of carelessness. The company also, of course, feels apologetic for having been unable to strictly manage and guide our artists to comply with preventive rules in their personal time.We will be making more efforts to educate (our artists) in preventive measures such that the hard work of many people including medical staff, volunteer staff and prevention staff, will not go to waste. We apologize once again for worrying everyone.

— SM Entertainment

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TVXQ Yunho's Social Distancing Violation