SM Entertainment Finally Unveils All Seven Members Of Their New Boy Group, RIIZE

Who’s your favorite?

SM Entertainment opened the official Instagram account for boy group RIIZE right at midnight of August 1, 2023. The boy group is scheduled for their official debut in September, but fans are already fed and full with multiple Instagram posts by the boys.

It seems that SM Entertainment had pre-posted 27 photos on the account @riize_official before unveiling the account to the public at midnight. They uploaded photos from each and every member. Here are our seven members!

1. Shotaro

Fans have sure missed this little cutie! Shotaro debuted in NCT, but was withdrawn from the group in May 2023. They then announced he would be joining SM Entertainment’s new boy group.

2. Sungchan

He’s no newbie to the scene! Like Shotaro, Sungchan first made his debut in NCT before being reshuffled to RIIZE.

3. Eunseok

Known for his sharp features, Eunseok was unveiled as an SM Rookie in 2022.

4. Seunghan

Seunghan was also revealed as an SM Rookie alongside Eunseok. His mature looks gained him a huge following.

5. Sohee

Sohee has a unique name, as it is typically given to girls. He proves his talent in the following video.

6. Anton

This cutie is known to be the son of producer Yoon Sang. He certainly inherited his father’s musical talent and handsome genes.

7. Wonbin

That’s some insane visuals right there. Wonbin’s puppy-like features are already gathering him a steady fandom.

Make sure to follow the boys’ account, and us, for more up-to-date news on their debut!

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