“Is That Even Possible?” — Netizens Are In Disbelief At SM Entertainment’s Plans For The Second And Third Quarters Of The Year

Two debuts and 11 albums, all in six months.

SM Entertainment hosts a quarterly review four times a year to update its board and the public on its achievements and future plans. As they recently wrapped up the first quarter of 2023, the plans for the second and third quarters were revealed.

According to the plan, in the second quarter of the year, they plan to launch NCT Taeyong‘s first solo mini album. This news has already been confirmed and released earlier. They also plan to launch a full-length album for SHINee.

| SM Entertainment

The third quarter looks busy, with mini albums for TVXQ‘s Yunho, Red Velvet‘s Wendy, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, EXO‘s D.O, and SHINee‘s Key. EXO, NCT Dream, and NCT are all slated for full-length albums while SHINee’s Onew will release a repackaged album of his recent solo. They also plan on launching two rookie groups — all in the third quarter.

The packed plan has netizens in disbelief. According to the plan, the third quarter hosts two debuts and nine releases. With only three months per quarter, the plan seems overly ambitious to many.

| theqoo
  • Can they do all that in the third quarter??? *shivers*
  • LOOOOOOL, I don’t even have the energy to be mad… Those crazy bastards.
  • So many solos.
  • Do you think all that is possible in the third quarter? LOL, and where is Taeil’s solo? You bad people.
  • I hope Baekhyun’s solo will come out too. I want to hear his singing.
  • I’m holding back because they’re going to give us Taeyeon’s concert in the third quarter too.
  • Give us Kyuhyun’s album.
  • When are they giving Baekhyun’s solo to us?
  • I hope they don’t lie this time. But I feel like they will, so I can’t trust those bastards.

With a total of two debuts and 11 albums in a short span of six months, fans seem to be in great disbelief that SM Entertainment will be able to pull all this off according to the plan.

Source: theqoo
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