SM Entertainment Signs Exclusive Partnership With Creative Artists Agency For SuperM and NCT 127’s Global Activities

SuperM and NCT 127 are going even more global.

SM Entertainment Founder Lee Soo Man, CEO Kim Young Min, and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) president Richard Lovett met up in Los Angeles on October 18 to sign an exclusive agency contract to support the global activities of SuperM and NCT 127.

Through the global network he build, Lee Soo Man reached an agreement on the close collaboration between SM Entertainment and CAA. The two companies look to collaborate on all areas of the entertainment sector, including performances, television program production, advertising, lifestyle, and even food and beverage (F&B).

CAA is the largest entertainment and sports agency in the United States, boasting high influence not only in the United States, but also in the global entertainment market.

Both Richard Lovett and Lee Soo Man commented on the partnership between the two companies.

It is an amazing experience watching SM Entertainment’s shows. Producer Lee Soo Man and his team have a very good eye for discovering artists with high energy and lots of charisma.

We are honored and pleased to be working with their amazing team to further support the growth of SM Entertainment, which already has a huge fanbase around the world.

— Richard Lovett

We are happy to partner with CAA, the largest entertainment and sports agency in the United States. We hope that through CAA, SuperM and NCT 127 will be able to further their growth in the global music market, starting with the United States.

This contract marks the start of our collaboration, and we will add our industry know-how and capabilities as a producer to the various global entertainment businesses that we will be working with in the future, offering a new direction and introducing even more advanced content.

— Lee Soo Man

With this partnership, NCT 127 is expected to be more active in the global music market, such as in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. SuperM is also expected to be active in these areas.

Source: Osen