SM Entertainment Suspends Employee After He Was Caught Secretly Adding His Wife’s Name As A Lyricist For EXO’s Songs

He secretly added his wife’s name to 15 songs to claim royalties.

An SM Entertainment A&R (artists and repertoire) employee has been stripped of his position after he was caught adding his wife’s name as a lyricist on EXO and BoA‘s songs.

According to an exclusive report from Dailyan, a former head of SM Entertainment’s A&R department was caught adding his wife’s name as a lyricist to EXO, EXO-CBX, Baekhyun, and BoA’s songs. He added his wife’s name to a total of 15 songs. After discovering this, SM Entertainment has suspended the employee, and he is now subject to severe disciplinary action.

The A&R (artists and repertoire) team is responsible for discovering artists, drawing up contracts, and developing artists. They are also in charge of the overall work that the agency does on a day to day basis, such as planning, production, and artist promotion.

Since part of the A&R team’s responsibilities is to oversee production of the song, they will sometimes collect lyrics from lyricists and compile the credits. However, the SM Entertainment employee abused his power to collect royalties that weren’t his.

The SM Entertainment employee used three false names to try to avoid suspicion, however he was still caught and is currently facing disciplinary measures within the company.

Source: Dailyan