Alleged SM Entertainment Trainee Goes Viral For Gorgeous Visuals

She’s gorgeous.

Recently, Idol Issue uploaded a post on Instagram, revealing an alleged SM Entertainment trainee. They claimed the girl was born in 2005 and named Soojin. The post instantly gained lots of attention due to the famous company name attached to it. After all, SM Entertainment previously announced that they would be debuting a new girl group in 2024.

| @idolissue/Instagram

Many netizens praised her side profile in particular.

| @idolissue/Instagram

Born in 2005, she would be only 18 years old. Despite her young age, she seems to possess exceptional height.

| @idolissue/Instagram

With huge eyes and a slim v-shaped face, she seems to perfectly fit Korean beauty standards.

| @idolissue/Instagram

She’s already gaining attention for her visuals. Netizens have compared her to actress Song Hye Kyo and idol star IVE‘s Wonyoung.

| @idolissue/Instagram

While many expressed their excitement on the Instagram page, a comment caught the eye of fans. An account that goes by “yuyueuncho” claims to be a staff at SM Entertainment’s trainee center. They commented that they did not know the girl in question, bringing to doubt whether or not Soojin is a trainee at the company.

Who…are you? It’s my first time seeing you.

— yuyueuncho

In other news, SM Entertainment’s trainee center recently revealed four trainees through a Christmas video.



Source: Idol Issue