SM Entertainment Warns Legal Action After Lysn Users Harassed Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi With Inappropriate Messages

Users of the app threatened Seulgi and asked Irene to send nudes.

SM Entertainment’s fandom app Lysn recently came under fire after Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi received inappropriate and harassing messages through the “Dear U. Bubble” feature. Now, the company has warned that legal action may be taken against those who continue to violate the app’s rules.

“Dear U. Bubble” is a feature on the Lysn app which allows fans to send and receive messages with their favorite SM Entertainment idols for $3.49 USD per artist per month. Red Velvet’s Irene, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri were all added to the platform several months ago and have been using it regularly to communicate with ReVeluvs.

However, it recently came to light that some unscrupulous “fans” had been sending very unpleasant messages to Irene and Seulgi. Screenshots posted to Nate Pann revealed that one “Dear U. Bubble” user had asked Irene to take off her clothes and send nude photos.

Other screenshots included messages to Seulgi criticizing her fellow members and claiming that the Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi subunit was delayed because the members were “scared of IZ*ONE”. While “Dear U. Bubble” chats are not directly one-on-one, the Red Velvet members can see all replies sent on the platform.

After learning that these messages had surpassed Lysn’s filter, fans were outraged. After all, English-speaking fans had previous had trouble sending messages on “Dear U. Bubble” containing harmless words like “petition”, simply because the word contains “tit”.

Now, in response, SM Entertainment has sent a clear notice via the app reiterating that they have a zero-tolerance policy for violation of the rules. According to the company, obscene language and symbols, defamation and incitement of fear and anxiety towards the artists are all banned on the “Dear U. Bubble” service.

Users found breaking the rules will be sanctioned, which will likely involve a ban or suspension. On top of this, SM Entertainment says that users may be penalized in accordance with the law, and that a lawsuit may be filed by the company or the artist themselves.

The notice will be displayed to all users next time they access the Lysn service. Hopefully, this discourages any further inappropriate messages towards the Red Velvet members as well as the other SM Entertainment artists who use the platform.

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