Korean Netizens React To Trainee Yoo Jimin’s Dance Clips After News Of SM Entertainment’s New Girl Group Has Been Confirmed

She’s one of their most prominent trainees.

SM Entertainment released news of their new upcoming girl group just this morning. Fans have speculated that trainee Yoo Jimin is a shoo-in for debut given the amount of exposure the company has already given her. Following news of the debut next month, Korean netizens pulled up her previous appearance in SHINee Taemin‘s “Want”.

She appeared in his live stages as well as the dance practice.

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Fans have been rewatching the clips to assess her dancing.

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These clips are from February 2019, when she first stepped onto public radar.

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Not much else is known about Yoo Jimin other than that she is born in 2000 and has been training since 2016 or 2017.

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Netizens have had mixed reactions to Yoo Jimin based on her performances with Taemin.

  • “She’s probably better now… don’t get too heated up dissing others.”
  • “As long as she does her job on stage as an individual, it’s fine. Singers should be good at singing and as long as their dance isn’t sloppy it’s fine.”
  • “Just by looking at this, I don’t think she’s ready for debut…are there no other trainees? The trainees I thought were okay all left. I guess here still trainees they’ve hidden? Strange.”
  • “She doesn’t seem like a dance-line member. They probably put her up there to get stage experience.”
  • “They said she’s a vocal.”
  • “creak creak?”
  • “I don’t know about the dance but they made a young kid up too maturely so it doesn’t suit her.”
  • “I thought she looked like someone and I think it’s WJSN‘s Yeoreum!”
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  • “She’s probably better now keke”
  • “You’re laying down the groundwork for dissing her even before her debut. Don’t go overboard.”
  • “The other gifs of her on stage look okay… she’s not a dancer so as long as she dancers fine to her own songs and sings well it’s all good. She hasn’t even debuted yet so I think it’s too early to be judging her skills.”
  • “I don’t know who she is at all but I remember watching her stage and being like heol what’s that… kekeke”
  • “Kind of looks like Sohee.”
  • “She’s not at the level to be dissed but not at the level to be praised either…ke I think it’s right when they said SM trainees’ standards dropped…keke”
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The new girl group, aespa, is set to debut in November. While the line up has yet to be confirmed, netizens have already begun guessing who will be in it.

Source: theqoo