SM Entertainment’s Alleged Comeback Plans For 2023 Show A Packed Schedule For New And Old Artists

Albums, solos, and tours are in the list!

Earlier today, a list that allegedly shows the 2023 comeback plans for SM Entertainment was shared online, and if the list is accurate, it’s sure to be a busy year!

While it’s not confirmed, the list includes nine groups under SM Entertainment, with a variety of events from album releases and solos to concerts and tours.

EXO is first on the list, and the number of plans on their agenda is one of the highest of the bunch! According to the post, they’ll have a full-group album comeback, a fan meeting/concert, a unit debut or comeback, and a solo debut or comeback.

Legendary group SHINee is also on the list, though their plans aren’t as numerous as EXO’s. They’re also said to be working on a full-group album comeback, and also have some kind of solo release(s) as well.

NCT DREAM is one of multiple NCT sub-units who are on the list, with apparently a full-group album release planned as well as some kind of tour!

NCT 127 also have some big plans for 2023 based on this list, with a full-group album comeback and solo debut(s) or comeback(s) on their alleged agenda.

WayV appears to be making their long-awaited comeback to the industry too, with an album planned (though the members included are unknown) as well as a fan meeting/concert/tour of some kind.

Super Junior doesn’t seem to have any full-group plans for 2023 based on this information, but it sounds like they will have a unit release (or more) planned, as well as some kind of solo debut(s) or comeback(s).

Girls’ Generation also doesn’t list any kind of full-group activities, but the list does mention both solo releases and unit releases (maybe a long-awaited return of Oh!GG?).

Another group with a lot of plans for 2023 according to the list is Red Velvet. Listed on their part of the agenda is a full-group album comeback, solo comeback(s) or debut(s), a concert/tour of some kind, and some kind of unit comeback or debut!

And finally, aespa has an exciting year planned according to the list too, which includes a full-group album comeback, a Japanese album release, and even a concert/tour of some kind!

You can check out the actual list that was posted online here:

SM Entertainment alleged plans for 2023 | Instiz

Which of these potential comebacks and plans for SM Entertainment’s artists are you most excited for?

Source: Instiz
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