Here Are SM Entertainment’s Planned Album Launches In The 2nd Half Of 2023

Debuts, comebacks, and solos galore.

SM Entertainment is one of the top entertainment companies in South Korea. With 2023 moving into the second half of the year, the company recently released their plans for album launches in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

1. August

According to the line-up preview, we will get to see four acts in August. TVXQ’s Yunho (U-Know) will release a mini album alongside a reality show. We also have Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon (Hyo) releasing a new single.

NCT will be launching a full-length album as well. As NCT will also be soon hosting a concert called NCT Nation, involving all the units, we can safely expect that the album will be packed with various songs from all the units.

Girl group aespa will also be releasing a single in English.

2. September

2nd generation idols will shine in September. EXO’s D.O., SHINee’s Key, and Super Junior’s Yesung will all be releasing singles in this month.

New boy group RIIZE will also be making their debut with a mini album.

RIIZE’s Anton. | @riize_official/Instagram

3. 4th Quarter

The 4th Quarter covers October, November, and December. Although dates aren’t firm, fans can expecting the following before the year rounds out.

Fans of TVXQ will rejoice, as they will have a full-length album released soon. Super Junior’s Ryeowook and SHINee’s Minho will both release singles. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon will have a much-anticipated comeback with a mini album. SHINee’s Taemin is also slated for a mini album in the 4th quarter.

Taeyeon’s previous album. | SM Entertainment

Red Velvet will finally be getting a full-length album. It is undecided if NCT 127 will have a full-length or single launched here. RIIZE will make a comeback with a single.

As for international releases, aespa will be having an English single or mini album. WayV will have a full-length album in Chinese.

NCT Tokyo will also debut in the fourth quarter with a Japanese single. The group’s name is not yet fixed.

Although plans can always change, fans are already looking forward to this line up.

Source: Instiz