SM Issues Statement Asking Fans To Refrain From Sending Letters To EXO Kai’s Military Training Center

They will make sure messages on the community board will be sent to him after training.

Recently, SM Entertainment issued an official statement on the fan community KWANGYA CLUB asking EXO fans to refrain from sending mail to Kai’s military training center. Below is the official statement released by the agency.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment. With the warm support of EXO-Ls, Kai successfully entered the training center safely. During the training period, we predict a large number of internet letters and mail to be sent to Kai, so we are asking for EXO-L’s cooperation regarding this.

We know too well the feelings of the fans who care about and support Kai, but if a large number of letters and mail are received at once at the training center, it is difficult to store and may be lost. Also, a lot of printed letters can cause difficulties at the training center, and cause delays in delivery of letters to other recruits.

Please refrain from using Internet mail and letters during his training period. If you want to send a message to Kai, please leave one through Kai’s Bubble message or the EXO-L community board. We plan to deliver it to Kai so that he can check it after his training period. Thank you.

Source: mydaily


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