SM Entertainment Announces “2021 Global #SMNBG” Auditions For A New Boy Group

“Bring the boys out!”

SM Entertainment is holding its 2021 Global #SMNBG auditions, as announced on the agency’s official Instagram account @smaudition_official.

| SM Entertainment

The agency promoted it is “looking for stars who will debut as SM Boy Group targeting the world” and encouraged aspiring male singers born between 2002 to 2008 to apply. And the post, also uploaded in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, is gaining a tremendous amount of attention from fans worldwide…

… especially as SM Entertainment mentioned during a business conference late 2020 that it is planning on expanding NCT — both in the number of members and in the number of countries in which the group will promote.

NCT127 | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

While this is not the first time SM Entertainment announced a global audition, K-Pop fans believe it to be a part of the mentioned “global expansion” as hinted by the CEO Lee Sung Soo.

CEO Lee Sung Soo (Chris Lee) for SM Entertainment. | KCOMEUP

What fresh new faces and talent will the 2021 Global #SMNBG bring?

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