SM Signs With Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra … To Release Orchestral Version Of One Of Their Hits

Taking bets for which song will be reproduced classically…

SM Entertainment and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as of June 10th 2020 with the plan to launch SM Classic. In addition, through SM STATION, an orchestral classical version of an SM hit will be shared next month.

SM’s co-CEOs, Lee Seong Soo and Tak Young Jun have signed an MOU with the SPO’s CEO, Kang Eun Kyung for a collaboration between their two respective genres. On the 10th of June at 5pm, at a practice room of the SPO, the ceremony signed off on a ‘collaboration between two genres, for the expansion and development of cultural content”.

As a global leader in K-pop and entertainment, SM’s participation with the SPO is the first ever in Korea. The SPO is also noted to be the leading orchestra in the Korean Classical industry (K-Classic), making it a perfect combination.

The two companies are planning to release a newly arranged and performed piece via SM Entertainment’s experimental music channel, SM STATION, in early July. It has yet to be made known which song it is. SM STATION has previously released many collaborations that have shook the industry with its diversity, such as “Coffee Break“, WayV Lucas‘ duet with Jonah Nilsson featuring Richard Bona. The piece will be an orchestral version of one of SM Entertainment’s existing hit songs.

Which of SM’s songs do you think would fit a classical vibe the most?

Source: Daum