Former SM Trainee On “Girls Planet 999” Makes Headlines For Her Resemblance To Red Velvet’s Irene

She’s got the SM Entertainment visuals for sure!

The first episode of the highly anticipated Girls Planet 999 has officially aired and it is already making headlines. The Mnet audition survival program garnered heavy attention prior to its premiere, with the unique concept of showcasing 33 trainees from three different countries — South Korea, Japan, and China.

With the official airing of the first episode, select trainees have already begun to gain individual attention — and one trainee, in particular, has started to make waves for her resemblance to a popular female idol.

Trainee Kim Chae Hyun | Mnet

Individual trainee Kim Chae Hyun has started to make headlines for her gorgeous visuals, as well as her spectacular singing abilities. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise since she was a former SM Entertainment trainee in the past. It was rumored that Kim Chae Hyun was originally set to debut in the rookie girl group aespa, but was unable to due to various reasons.

| Mnet

It was following her departure from the Big 4 agency that Kim Chae Hyun chose to appear on Girls Planet 999, surprising everyone. As she continues to gain favorable attention, viewers realized that the trainee actually resembled a very famous SM Entertainment girl group member. Upon further inspection, netizens concluded that Kim Chae Hyun looked very similar to the one and only Red Velvet‘s Irene!

Red Velvet’s Irene | SM Entertainment

And honestly, we can kind of see it!

Kim Chae Hyun (left), Red Velvet’s Irene (right.)

Kim Chae Hyun is more than just a pretty face, however, as she shows off her well-rounded SM Entertainment quality dancing abilities on Girls Planet 999‘s first episode.

But she also isn’t shy about showing off her beautiful visuals!

The trainee showed off her professionalism by introducing herself in front of the camera here…

…and here! Can you guys see Irene in her?

Korean netizens were quick to notice the resemblance between Kim Chae Hyun and Irene, as they shared their thoughts online. However, K-netz also saw other SM Entertainment beauties in the trainee, such as actress Seo Hyun JinGirls’ Generation member Taeyeon, and another Red Velvet member Wendy!

| theqoo
  • “She looks slightly like Irene.”
  • “I can see Seo Hyun Jin and Irene in her.”
  • “She has Taeyeon and Irene vibes.”
  • “Is she currently in TOP Media?”
  • “She looks like a mix between Irene and Wendy.”
  • “I can see Irene, Seo Hyun Jin, and Taeyeon ㅋㅋㅋ how fascinating ㅋㅋ.”
| Mnet

While Kim Chae Hyun may no longer be an SM Entertainment trainee, her resemblance to the various SM artists confirms that she fit the agency’s visual type perfectly. Be sure to keep an eye out on the talented and gorgeous trainee as she begins her journey on Girls Planet 999!

Source: theqoo

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