Small Movement Attempts To Legalize Marijuana In Korea

Koreans are fighting to get medical marijuana legalized, and it’s starting to catch some attention.

Medical Cannabis Legalization Campaign Headquarters launched in July and is committed to having the medical hemp approved by the government.

According to the headquarters, interest in local governments growing hemp should be considered.

“I plan to establish business agreements with local governments so that the issue of the legalization of cannibalization becomes a promise of local elections next year.”

— Kang Sung Seok, Director of Medical Cannabis Legalization Campaign Headquarters

They argue that if the plan gets approved, it would promote new economic growth in the region, help to create more jobs for local farmers, and produce a large profit from maintaining the hemp farms.

Over 1,800 people have already joined an online petition calling for the legalization of marijuana through the Blue House website (as of November 19).

Currently, consuming marijuana is strictly prohibited to Korean citizens (domestically or while overseas), and many celebrities have been arrested in the past for illegally consuming weed.

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Source: Dispatch