Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Newly-Wed Actress Park Shin Hye’s Baby Gender Reveal

Congratulations, mom-to-be! 🍼👶

In a recent “Umtube” video uploaded to her YouTube channel, actress Uhm Ji Won shared her friend and fellow actress Park Shin Hye‘s baby gender reveal party!

Actress Uhm Ji Won (back) with actress Park Shin Hye (front) at golf. | @ssinz7/Instagram

Park Shin Hye tied the knot with actor Choi Tae Joon on January 22, 2022 following a surprise announcement of her pregnancy back in November 2021.

| @ssinz7/Instagram

The YouTube video, taken before the wedding, captured Park Shin Hye handing off a beautifully hand-sealed invitation to Uhm Ji Won in person, over a course meal at a high-end Chinese restaurant.

The video also captured a ten-second sneak peek at Park Shin Hye’s baby gender reveal! The “party”—shared among Park Shin Hye, Uhm Ji Won, and one other mutual friend—seems to have been small but full of blessings.

And on one of the two balloons, the message reads, “Hello Baby Boy”!

Assuming the balloon is the reveal, Park Shin Hye’s long-time fans are showering actress Uhm Ji Won with gratitude in the comments section of the video for sharing the intimate moment with them.

| @ssinz7/Instagram

Congratulations to Park Shin Hye, the most wonderful mom-to-be!

Watch the video here.

Source: WikiTree