“SNL Korea” Faces Backlash After Parodying “The Glory” In Skit

Netizens felt the show was making light of a serious social issue.

Netizens criticized SNL Korea for a skit parodying Netflix‘s The Glory.

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On a recent episode of SNL Korea, the comedy show aired a skit parodying The Glory. In the skit, a student is seen being bullied by other students.

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Different from the drama, however, is the fact that rather than being physically harmed by the students, the bullies “torment” their victim by burning food with a hair straightener.

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The premise of the joke in the skit is that the victim loves food so much that it is torture for her to burn food.

Unfortunately for the show, it seems the joke didn’t land well with some viewers. After the episode, a netizen uploaded a post in which they criticized the show for making light of school bullying.

Is it right to make fun of a scene about school bullying? What’s worse is that the hair straightener was actually used in a real-life bullying case.

— Netizen

Many netizens agreed with the post’s author, stating that SNL had crossed a line by parodying a re-enactment of a real-life incident involving a real-life victim.

  • “Are we ‘haters’ because we are asking (SNL) not to make light of an incident involving a real victim? If that makes me a ‘hater,’ I think our nation needs more ‘haters.’ Do you think it’s right to use a real-life incident as the premise for a joke?”
  • “SNL is getting worse and this skit crosses a line. This skit is a problem, but their skits about millennials and gen-z are caricatures.”
  • “I think SNL is wrong for being insensitive.”
  • “Don’t you think parodying a real-life incident will come off as mocking it? Think.”
  • “If you aren’t uncomfortable with this, then something is wrong with you.”

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Source: Nate Pann
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