[★BREAKING] SNL Korea to stop airing as of December due to massive controversies

On November 10th, tvN released official statements stating that the controversial show “SNL Korea” will no longer air as of December 24th.

Popular comedy show “SNL Korea” began suffering from massive controversy due to backstage footage which showed female crew members sexually molesting male idol groups B1A4 and INFINITE. It was also belatedly discovered that group BLOCKB had suffered similarly at the hands of the very same female crew members.

As the controversy and wrath of the groups’ fans grew, Comedian Lee Se Young, one of the female crew in the video, apologized for her actions and announced that she would be leaving the show.

The full crew of SNL Korea also made a public apology on the very next episode, but soon came under fire yet again. This time, for mocking a breast cancer survivor during one of their skits.

The repeated controversial actions of SNL8 has caused majority of the Korean viewers to turn their backs on the show and tvN has just announced that they will be shutting down the show earlier then intended.

Read the full statement from tvN below:
Singer Hwang Chi Yeol has been confirmed as the last host for tvN ‘SNL Korea Season 8’. The show will come to an end as of 2016 December 24th with the year coming to an end. 

We will take the viewers criticism with humility and prepare for a new season during which we will present you with a whole new look.

Source: Dispatch