“Lord Have Mercy”: “Snowdrop” Actor Jung Hae In Is Hotter Than Ever In New Magazine Pictorial

No one could focus on the ad 😂

Few men do it like Snowdrop actor Jung Hae In. Apart from his phenomenal acting skills, he also has an incredibly handsome face…

Jung Hae In | @holyhaein/Instagram

…and drool-worthy body.

It’s hard to believe his visuals could still be upgraded from this work of art.

| @holyhaein/Instagram
| @holyhaein/Instagram
| @holyhaein/Instagram

And yet, it has happened. Jung Hae In left absolutely no crumbs in his latest magazine pictorial where he somehow managed to look even more handsome than ever! He graced the cover of MEN Noblesse for their July/August issue.

Wearing black and taupe suits without any shirt beneath it, he was the very definition of masculine.

His tousled hair, slightly parted lips, and ripped arms completed the photo.

Fans couldn’t help but fawn over how hot he is, saying things like, “Lord have mercy,” “Maniacally screaming,” and “Excuse me Jung Hae In?!

They joked that he “has no chill on a Monday” and looks so good that nobody’s eyes landed on the brand he was modeling, TAG Heuer.

Finally, they quipped that he is exactly the kind of man they want.

With such handsome features, it’s no wonder Jung Hae In has so many adoring fans!

| @holyhaein/Instagram