Does Her Image As An Idol Affect Her Acting Career? Here’s What Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Has To Say On The Matter

Many idol-turned-actors struggle with this problem.

Media outlet Sports Chosun recently sat down to an interview with Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. The interview, published on August 24, 2023, discussed various issues regarding her acting.

As many know, Sooyoung moved into the acting industry after a successful run as part of the nation’s top idol group, Girls’ Generation. For many idol-turned-actors, it’s not easy to shed their idol image. Many still have a bias against idol-actors. The interviewer posed the question if she felt any limitations as an actor due to her solidified image as part of Girls’ Generation.

| Chosun

Sooyoung had the perfect answer.

I’ve never thought about ever breaking up Girls’ Generation and leaving. Girls’ Generation’s existence is akin to my own skin. It is a matter of my own skills and competitive edge, for the audience to not be reminded of Girls’ Generation as I promote as an actor. I think that this isn’t a question of the essence. Although I am working on acting projects as Choi Sooyoung, I cannot change the fact that I’ve been living as part of Girls’ Generation continuously. There’s nothing to change about this in fact. It’s not something that I have to escape from. If Girls’ Generation becomes a weight for me to bear as an actor, then I think that my own skills are lacking.

— Sooyoung

| Chosun

What a wise answer! Sooyoung has been active and successful as an actor, slowly moving up in roles. While she took on a supporting role in Run On, she later took on lead roles in Fan Letter, Please, as well as Not Others.

Source: Chosun

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