SNUPER Officially Disbands Following Expiration Of Exclusive Contracts⁠— Leader Taewoong Posts Handwritten Letter To Fans

We wish them all the best!

WIDMAY Entertainment officially announced that all six members of SNUPER would leave the agency following the expiration of their exclusive contracts. After seven years together, they will be going their separate ways. The agency stated, “We would like to thank SNUPER and the fans from the bottom of our hearts for supporting and being with us for a long time.”

Afterward, leader Taewoong posted a handwritten letter online to the fans.

Higher than Super! Hello this is SNUPER’s Taewoong! I’m very nervous as it’s been awhile since I’ve said hello. Swing, how have you been? These days I’ve been busy doing musicals. I am also happy to be able to meet with Swings again through theater!

The reason I am writing this letter today is to tell you some news. As a result of many discussions with the company and its members, we have decided to support each other’s future in their respective positions.

I met Swing for the first time on November 17, 2015, and I have made so many memories so far. It would have been nice if we were more active, and I feel sorry that we couldn’t. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to the fans who filled my twenties with amazing memories. Thanks to you all, I was able to exist.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the people involved in working hard for SNUPER. And to our members! Thanks to you all for following along on this journey.

I met Swing under the name of SNUPER, and we exchanged a lot of love, and that influence has made me who I am now. The memories that I made through SNUPER will be of great strength to support my life in the future. Please support the other member’s new choices and beginnings too!

And I really want to say thank you to everyone who supports Taewoong! I’ll repay you by living an even more wonderful life! Thank you and everyone, be healthy and happy. Then until now, it has been Taewoong from Higher Than Super SNUPER!

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