The Cast Of “So Not Worth It” Reveals Their Childhood Celebrity Crushes

What member of Super Junior did the female cast share a childhood crush on?

The cast of Netflix‘s So Not Worth It has been doing promotional interviews for their show and along the way they’ve shared some interesting info!

As a part of Netflix Asia‘s YouTube channel, the cast participated in an interview to discuss how they’ve changed since they were teens.

| Netflix Asia/YouTube 

While the interview started off innocently enough, the topic soon got onto that of childhood crushes and more specifically, celebrity crushes. Here’s how the four in the studio answered:

“We’re going to talk about our teenage years and how much we’ve changed since then.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 

Youngjae- Lee Hyori

GOT7‘s Youngjae began the conversation on crushes by revealing he had a crush on a girl for all of elementary school.

“I liked the same girl throughout elementary school.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 

Unfortunately for him, he shared that as they grew up they became just friends because he didn’t feel the same way once he was older.

“But now we’re just friends. I didn’t feel the same way about her after we grew up.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 

When the topic of celebrity crushes came up, Youngjae didn’t hesitate to share his elementaryschool celebrity crush on Lee Hyori!

“My celebrity crush was Lee Hyori. I loved her when I was in elementary school.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube
“U-Go-Girl” | Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube 

While he didn’t get to explain much about his crush, explanation isn’t needed when talking about Hyori.

“Don’t Touch Me” | SUPER SOUND Bugs!/YouTube 


Shin Hyun Seung- IU

Shin Hyun Seung started off by revealing that he used to love watching the K-Drama Dream High.

“I used to love watching Dream High.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 

Park Se Wan took a guess that his crush was on Bae Suzy who was a cast member on the show.

Kim Soohyun (left) & Suzy (Right), Dream High | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 

Hyun Seung revealed that it was another female idol on the show who had caught his eye. His childhood crush was the solo singer and actress, IU.

“It was IU.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 
Wooyoung (Left) & IU (right), Dream High | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube 

He even continued by admitting that he still loves IU!

“I love IU.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 
“Lilac” | 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube 

Han Hyun Min- Heize

Han Hyun Min was the most enthusiastic about the topic of crushes. “Everyone has a secret crush or two growing up, don’t they?”  he shared with confidence before his fellow cast mates turned to him in slight disagreement.

“Everyone has a secret crush or two growing up. Don’t they?”Netflix Asia/YouTube 

When it was his turn to share his childhood celebrity crush, he surprised his cast mates by saying hip-hop artist Heize.

“The celebrity crush I had when I was a kid was Heize.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 
“Happen” | Heize official/YouTube 

As the youngest cast member, his costars began to tease him about her being his “middle school crush” instead.

“So, he liked Heize in middle school.” “Heize was the celebrity Hyun Min liked as a kid.”Netflix Asia/YouTube 

Hyun Min clarified that his crush on Heize happened during her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

Park Se Wan- Super Junior (specifically Eunhyuk)

Park Se Wan began by explaining that she went to an all-girls school so she didn’t have a regular childhood crush, but she did have a celebrity one.

“I went to an all-girls middle school, so I didn’t have a crush.” | Netflix Asia/YouTube 

Han Hyun Min guessed that her crush may have been the singer Lee Moonsae before she revealed that it was, in fact, the K-Pop group Super Junior!

“Sorry Sorry” |SMTOWN/YouTube 

She then continued to share that herself, Carson Allen, and Minnie of (G)I-DLE all bonded over their shared childhood love of Super Junior.

“Within our cast, Carson, Minnie, and I all used to love Super Junior.”Netflix Asia/YouTube 

“In fact, all three of us had a crush on the same member of Super Junior,” she shared as her fellow cast mates anxiously pressed her to tell who it was.

“In fact, all three of us had a crush on the same member of Super Junior.”Netflix Asia/YouTube  

At first she said it was a secret before coyly revealing to the camera that it was none other main rapper and main dancer Eunhyuk!

“It’s a secret… It’s Eunhyuk.”Netflix Asia/YouTube  
“No Love” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

We love how open the cast was about their teen years and all of their childhood crushes. To see the rest of the interview check out the video below:

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